Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Kindergarten Turkeys

Terrific Turkeys

The Kindergarten students enjoyed making a turkey collage for the fall season. First, we drew the turkey step-by-step by drawing an oval for the body and a circle for the head. The two shapes were connected to create the neck. Next, we sponge painted using a variety of fall colors. Finally, details were added to the turkey by gluing down a variety of pre-cut shapes. I love that each turkey is unique. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

1st Grade: Tepees

Paper Bag Tepees

Students enjoyed learning about Native American Art. 

They were introduced to the following Native American symbols:

Each student decorated a paper bag with a variety of Native American symbols. They loved to tell a story through art. They also enjoyed acting out the meaning of each symbol. Mr. Giannetto helped each student assemble their tepee by cutting out a doorway and tying off the "sticks".

Artists of the Month

Congratulations to the November Artists of the Month! 

I'm very proud of your work.

1st Grade Owls/Kindergarten Pumpkin Patch/Kindergarten Giraffes