Monday, May 29, 2017


Cardboard Toy Robots
2nd Grade

This is my favorite project of the school year! Each robot has a name, function, and price. I love that each one is so unique.

First, each student completed an idea worksheet to plan out what their robot would look like and how it would function. How will it help people? 

Next, they cut light-weight cardboard into different shapes to form the robot.

Then, the robot was painted with tempera paints.

Finally, the robot was packaged as a toy. Each toy is labeled with a name, function, and price.

 We were super excited to have a Robot Toy Store in the Principal's Office! 


Young School's 1st and 2nd Grade Art Show at the Performing Arts Center in Burlington Township, NJ.

Over 175 selected students were proud to display artwork! We enjoyed the photo booth, working on a collaborative art project and sharing our artwork with family and friends.
The photo booth was a big hit! 

Clay Hearts/Chris Uphues

Watercolor Flowers/Georgia O'Keeffe

Summer Silhouettes

Sunflower Paintings/Vincent van Gogh
Winter cardinals

Clay owls mounted on wood